What is floorball?

  • A lightweight, hollow plastic ball and a stick made of carbon. A goalkeeper, 5 field players, 2 goals, one rink. Game intelligence, speed and fun.
  • Floorball, or unihockey, is a modern and dynamic team sport. For more than three decades, these sport enthusiasts’ athletes and spectators around the world. In Austria floorball is finding more and more friends.
  • Above all, the clear and simple rules made the sport so popular. Hard attacks against opponents or their racket are prohibited. The speed and intense sport technique, tactical understanding, but mostly team spirit are the most important features.
  • Floorball requires dynamic and intelligent players who can respond to fast changing game situations quickly and flexibly.
  • Floorball is an easy-to-learn sport, especially if someone has already played another team sport. Floorball is a varied, healthy, challenging and fun!

That´s floorball!